Wild Intimacy

September 22 to October 27, 2018

Wild Intimacy: light to sound, Wild Intimacy: sound to light

The title for the work at Oboro, “Wild Intimacy”, refers to the unpredictable relations between light and sound that proliferate throughout the ecology of the installation:

The abstract light images in the video are produced with a modified DSLR camera that allows light to leak in. Environmental, atmospheric and ambient sound is recorded on location with the images, processed in studio and mixed with electronic and mechanical sounds captured through a contact microphone attached to the outside of the camera. The modified camera is a leaky object: sound leaks out and light leaks in – not what you would normally want to happen – but in this case, failures of normative process are productive. The camera is not a separate, discreet recording device, but part of the overall sonic – light environment. Made permeable, the camera doesn’t simply record what is external to it, but is vulnerable to a transformative intimacy with it’s surroundings. It’s discrete “sensory functions” are subject to contagion: it sees “differently” than a camera should, and instead of recording only external sound, the audience hears the camera mixed with VLF environmental audio. The resulting installation will feature layers of moving abstract light images that intimate narrative flow and a layered, processed sound track which together produce unpredictable proliferating connections, relations and intimacies.